With a fresh start from DEFENESTRATE, I'm kicking off Starchild Quilts with the begining of my Farmer's Wife  Quilt-Along with my mother.

The Objective is  to complete a queen size version of the Farmer's Wife Quilt within a year.

In order to finish my deadline (christmas of next year) I will be posting  5 blocks every two weeks.

After about 2 weeks of back and forth calling with DM, we decided on the parameters, how we would be held accountable, and the best talk of all---the fabric.

I decided that my hoarding of a variety of pieces from about 3-4 French General Fabric lines were going to be of use--FINALLY!!!

After an educational post thanksgiving tutorial, DM taught me how to use templates and I was well on my way.

*drumroll* So here's week 1-2.

It was so much fun getting these done! I worked on them this weekend one right after the other because I was out of town the weekend before (read: away from my sewing machine).

So my sewing room was a mess of freezer paper, prewashed fabric and thread. But the deadline of blocks done by sunday was met.

For the first round I learned a lot when it comes to planning. I'm a bit disappointed in a couple of the color choices that I thought at first were dead on......I figure with 111 blocks what's a two or three unsatisfactory color combos?

So far so good! So here's the run down of what I made.

#13 (my favorite number!) Buckwheat

I figured if I could make this I could make any block--it's the first time I've ever done an on point layout. it was tough and involve a couple redos but in the end I got it where I wanted it! Talk about a kick off.

#14 Butterfly Garden

#21 Contrary Wife

# 41 Friendship star

Here is the color disaster. I thought for sure it would look great---the fabrics were so pretty apart....apparently not so much together. : (

#81 Snowball

All in all I had a great time piecing these and I'm already planning ahead!

Can't wait to see what the next two weeks will bring!

--finally folding her fabrics--
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  1. Strlady Says:

    Your Contrary Wife kicks butt! So much better than mine! I love the ones you chose to make and I love that it was a bit of a surprise. We should do that next time too, keep the blocks chosen secret until the reveal! I <3 U!