It should not come as a surprise to many that because of my love quilting, all things nerdy and cooking that I prefer sedentary hobbies, those that involve sitting or standing in one place.

So it comes at no surprise to me that I don't have the following;

-upper body strength
-lower body strength
-the ability to run for over 2 minutes

I decided to change that. I turn 25 this year in August and decided that I needed to do something fantastic, different, and monumental.

Enter-- Disneyland's Annual 1/2 marathon.

First of all, I have never run in my life.

Second of all, my body hasn't seen constant physical activity in the form of exercise since I was a HIGH SCHOOL! (I took massage therapy and billiards in college to fulfill my phys-ed reqs)

Lastly, I have never gone to California in my life!

I read up on it and knew that this was it....especially because it takes place 2 days after my birthday, and 2 days before my first wedding anniversary. I knew it was meant to be!

I talked with my husband about it and after much deliberating we have decided to go all in. We registered, we tour gyms and filled out a membership for one and we already have one day under our belts of going to the gym!

From here on out I'm officially training for a half marathon!

I'll keep you posted on my progress!

You can follow my husband's journey on his blog, Run Nerd Boy Run!

--still prefers sewing and cooking but is pulling out sneakers--
2 Responses
  1. Strlady Says:

    Love it!!! I know you can do it!!