Holy Cow! I can't believe how quickly two weeks can go. 

I managed to get my blocks in but with the holidays--and the lego set my hubby gave me for Christmas-- I am posting now. :)

Here they are!

First I started with Century of Progress

I know I only have 10 others out of 111block done......and I'm going to say this a couple more times in the next year but this is my NUMERO UNO FAVORITE!

so far.....

Next was Farmer's Daugher--I thought I'd start playing around with the blues that I saved up from Rural Jardin---this was perfect!

Still keeping with the blues I worked in some gray with Box

Trying to stop myself from making a habit  of blues and grays (I'm trying to go for random here!) I started pulling out some others colors. 

Bringing in the end after the rail fence was this big dipper. 

I love making these and getting it right! All the colors were perfect!

All together now!

I'm planning even more fantastic blocks for the new year!!

But for now.....
My work for the Rebel Alliance must continue!

--humming the star wars theme---

With a fresh start from DEFENESTRATE, I'm kicking off Starchild Quilts with the begining of my Farmer's Wife  Quilt-Along with my mother.

The Objective is  to complete a queen size version of the Farmer's Wife Quilt within a year.

In order to finish my deadline (christmas of next year) I will be posting  5 blocks every two weeks.

After about 2 weeks of back and forth calling with DM, we decided on the parameters, how we would be held accountable, and the best talk of all---the fabric.

I decided that my hoarding of a variety of pieces from about 3-4 French General Fabric lines were going to be of use--FINALLY!!!

After an educational post thanksgiving tutorial, DM taught me how to use templates and I was well on my way.

*drumroll* So here's week 1-2.

It was so much fun getting these done! I worked on them this weekend one right after the other because I was out of town the weekend before (read: away from my sewing machine).

So my sewing room was a mess of freezer paper, prewashed fabric and thread. But the deadline of blocks done by sunday was met.

For the first round I learned a lot when it comes to planning. I'm a bit disappointed in a couple of the color choices that I thought at first were dead on......I figure with 111 blocks what's a two or three unsatisfactory color combos?

So far so good! So here's the run down of what I made.

#13 (my favorite number!) Buckwheat

I figured if I could make this I could make any block--it's the first time I've ever done an on point layout. it was tough and involve a couple redos but in the end I got it where I wanted it! Talk about a kick off.

#14 Butterfly Garden

#21 Contrary Wife

# 41 Friendship star

Here is the color disaster. I thought for sure it would look great---the fabrics were so pretty apart....apparently not so much together. : (

#81 Snowball

All in all I had a great time piecing these and I'm already planning ahead!

Can't wait to see what the next two weeks will bring!

--finally folding her fabrics--