I blame my inability to post on time these last two weeks solely because I was trying---keyword *trying*--to get better pictures of my blocks.

This involved the following....
-Searching for the camera
-Realizing the battery was dead (duh!)
-Searching for the charger
-Charging the battery
-Taking the pictures
-Discovering that I don't have a connector for my computer
-Searching the tangled heap of wires in our "drawer o'wires" for a mini USB
-Charging my dead laptop
-FINALLY getting the pictures online.

As you can imagine.....I didn't edit these like I wanted because by the time the pictures we actually ON my computer, the little voice in my head was going "Slacker! You haven't posted!"

Upon posting the pictures I realized.....with better pictures comes great embarrassment on my flops when it comes to these blocks--I'll explain this when I get to the culprit.

So here's Farmer's Wife Weeks 5-6

I tried to get a little more creative on the color combos side of things. I like the red and white combination but I have so many other colors that I want to make sure I take advantage of all the effects they can have on each other.

Economy is the perfect example of my color experimentation. I could have easily made a cream and *insert color here* block but I really wanted to see how these looked together. I was really happy with the results!

Cat's and Mice was a really simple one to complete. I was initially a bit overwhelmed with the prospect of piecing on the diagonal with such tiny pieces--something I don't have a lot of experience done. I'm sure I will I will be a pro after I do more and more of them for this.

Challenged myself with  End of Day since there were a few non triangle/square templates.

THIS is what I meant about embarrassment when it comes to better pictures. No amount of ironing will fix the wrinkles you see on this. I'm not sure exactly what happened. it started with a bunch of simple half square triangles and resulted in multiple seam rippings and re sewing....then seam ripping again. I think at one point I screamed in frustration....how can I mess of putting HALF SQUARE TRIANGLES together. This one is on my re-do if you have time list. *sigh*

After the triangles mishap I decided to stay cautious and made homeward bound. simple and sweet. I love the cream fabric with the pink flowers.

All in all I'm super happy with what I have been up with these guys. and you should be expecting a second update to catch me up tomorrow with Week 7-8 as well as proof that I'm working on other things that don't involve Farmer's Wife blocks! Here's a sneaky peak!

--Busy busy busy---

First of all, FW blocks post has been delayed until tomorrow...due to busy time at work today. I was a bit disappointed I couldn't post about it today, so to make up here's a short and sweet post about resolutions. :D

I don't necessarily believe in personal resolutions. If I did some of the following would be on my list....

-go to the gym
-stop hitting my husband over the head on a regular basis
-break a bad habit-like not proof reading my blog post before I post

What I do believe in, is cleaning out your fabric closet at the beggining of the year and making "the list".

Over last two years "the list" has been solely dedicated to finishing my quilts before my wedding. So this is my first year creating "the list" as a Quilter (note the italics and capital Q--I'm going legit!). "The list" is what projects I want to do for the upcoming year, it's something I can walk up to and check off at the end of something and feel super accomplished. XD

So I sat down two days after new years and wrote the list....here it is.

In honor of creating my list, I did all 5 of my required Farmer's wife blocks aaaannndd worked through all but one color of my Family Homecoming Quilt (from All in the Family by Camille Roskelley).

I am on a roll over here! I'm hoping I keep that momentum going!

--wondering if there's an inverse relationship between sewing and doing chores--